Current Biotech Seed Products

NCGA recommends that farmers select hybrids with the full knowledge of whether the hybrid number is a conventional variety or a biotech variety that that has approval status in major U.S. export markets.






NCGA firmly supports compliance with the regulations on biotechnology in place in major U.S. corn export markets. In order to ensure U.S. farmers support our international customers and help maintain important trade relationships, NCGA urges growers to steward U.S.-grown biotech hybrids yet to be approved in major export markets away from export channels. To do so, growers should read the grower agreements prior to planting and communicate with their grain buyers.


For a full list of product status across all commodities in all markets, the Crop Life International (CLI) provides public access to the www.biotradestatus.com database.


NCGA recognizes the grower’s need for access to technology while respecting export markets that do not maintain a synchronized regulatory review of biotechnology products. Our policy is to require technology companies establish import approval for all traits in corn to our #1 export market, Japan and be pursuing approval in all other markets.


In addition, NCGA reviews new products coming to market and their status globally to assess the global trade impacts. We review how new products can come to market under a stewardship program to avoid regulatory regimes that have not synchronized with the majority of the markets worldwide. We prioritize the education of growers understanding the terms of the stewardship program and seed company follow up on grain flows away from potentially sensitive markets. Below are current-approved products that are under stewardship due to regulatory delays in an asynchronous system.


Duracade: Syngenta

Stewardship Program here.


Additionally, there are products that are intended for specific closed loop production systems. Currently, the following product is stewarded for specific market purposes:


Enogen: Syngenta

Ethanol and Feed information here.



If a trait is not listed here, it does not impact the major importing markets for U.S. corn.


For more information, contact your local seed company representative.


NCGA urges growers with products not fully approved in major export markets to supply other markets with their crop. The domestic livestock market provides robust demand for corn unapproved overseas. Interested farmers can also check with elevators to see if they accept grain after verifying the contents of the product.


All of the hybrids listed below have full food and feed approval in the United States.